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Popcorn is a variety of maize discovered in America towards the end of the 19th century.

When heated quickly to 400F it POPS and cooks instantly in its own "pressure cooker" kernal, to give the classic crispy puffs of crunchy snackfood.

To maintain its purest form we use only hot air to POP then coat each kernel with delicious "Butterscotch" toffee to give one of the great combinations of Natural Flavours in snackfoods today.

With the success of our new MegaMuncher brand American Style Toffee Popcorn, a new factory equipped with the lastest technology was built in FoxFord, achieving accreditations to BRC since 2001.

Pack Sizes Case Count

  • 50g 36 (Display Case)
  • 100 24 (Display Case)
  • 150 24 (Display Case)
  • 6x50 12 (Display Case)

Promotion Packs

  • 100g + 50% Free 24 (Shipping Case)
  • 150 + 33% (Shipping Case)
  • 8 FOR 6 X 50g 12 (Shipping Case)