Cpac About Us

For over thirty years cpac foods have been creating delicious and innovative instant food products at our plant in Foxford, Co. Mayo, West Ireland. We are a family run business which has enjoyed high innovation in the instant food market creating original patents for products such as Instant Royal Icing, Choux Pastry mix, Meringue Mix, Ice Cream mix and adding our own mark of quality to the classic snack food Toffee Popcorn.

Currently cpac foods are proud purveyors of high quality cake decoration product “Instant Royal Icing” and snack food “Mega Munchers American Style Toffee Popcorn”.

Instant Royal Icing is our best selling cake decoration product, first patented by Sean Gaughan in 1972 this product has become a main staple in the home kitchen and baking industry. It makes the normally tiresome task of icing a cake an easy and enjoyable experience.

Our "Mega Munchers" American Style Toffee Popcorn is a snack food that we are truly proud of, the popcorn is air popped which allows for less than 10% fat making this snack food not only delicious but healthy too. We source the best corn and refine our recipes tirelessly until we are happy that the end result is as delicious as possible.



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